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Preserve your memories for a lifetime.


Wedding dress cleaning and preservation is essential in insuring that the most expensive piece of clothing you’ll ever buy stays looking its best for generation to come. Once expertly cleaned and pressed, your dress will be placed in a specialty acid free display box and vacuum sealed. These boxes provide protection against yellowing, mildew, mold, oxidation spots, light damage and dust and come with a 25 year warranty. 

Get the facts


Plastic Bags are one of your dresses biggest enemies. The leading cause of wedding dress yellowing is caused by the plastic garment bag it’s stored in. Most plastics give off damaging fumes that actually promote yellowing.


An oxidation spot can occur when an unnoticed spot on your garment was not treated and the spot turns brown over time. The brown stains are caused by the caramelizing of sugars. While you may think your dress is clean, spills from clear sodas may go unnoticed as they dry clear. Unless these spills are pre-treated, it is likely they will oxidize over time. The sooner an oxidized stain is caught, the more likely it will be able to be removed.


Keeping your wedding dress covered will protect it from the damage caused by light and dust. It’s no secret that the sun can cause fading but did you know that overtime it can cause yellowing and weaken material?


You may be tempted to put your wedding gown in an attic or damp basement where temperatures and humidity levels can and will fluctuate dramatically. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels increase the deterioration rate of textiles and can cause mildew and molding. 

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